Production Info Dry Dicer


SAM-CT1520D SAM-CT3030DI  
SAM-CT1520D SAM-CT3030DI  
High-speed high-accuracy innovative dicing machine need no water supply A dry dicer suitable for atypical shape PCB cutting with refrigerate fixing system  


SAM-CT1520D SAM-CT3030DI  
High speed and high accuracy full auto in-line dry dicer High versatile pallet feeding type In-line dicer  


Suitable for PCB having difficulty being fixed by JIG and TAPE because of vacuum forms. Refrigerant system to shorten the time for table refrigerating and thawing is installed(with switch function for refrigerant and warm media).

Cutting process image Sample PCB Shape

1 Use blade with high speed rotation to cut PCB safely in low stress, smooth finish for PCB cross section.

2 Collaboration with powerful dust collector, thus only little amount of dust attach on PCB.

3 Water supply and drainage equipment is not needed without using water, which will lead to no harm to the environment and realizing the reduction of running cost.

4 As PCB is fixed on Jig with vacuum adsorption, UV tape, etc are not needed and the cost can be reduced.
Fix PCB by vacuum forms

5 Various blades can be selected. (GC, Diamond, Metal Saw)

6 Able to cut in High precision because of 4 axes control.

7 Image processing function(CCD Camera) is installed on SAM-CT1520D SAM-CT2533 SAM-CT3030DI, makes it possible to cut PCB with more high precision.

8 Various PCB can be fixed with refrigerating system.

We provide various dry dicerr machine to meet customer’s need. Any request please feel free to contact us.

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