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  Sharp cutting surfaces, low stress, safely cutting and user friendly are realized by router or dicing cutting. However there are some dust adhere to the surface of PCB. Our technology not only for cutting but also for remove dust from PCB, it is our cleaning technology.  

Q1. How dust attached on the PCB


We believe the mechanism dust attach to PCB is as below.
2)Oil content
3)intermolecular force
The dust particle diameter is about 11.4μm, and with following procedure to attached to the PCB

Oil content> intermolecular force> Static

Figure 1 Particle size distribution during cutting with dicing machine
(Average Particle Size 11.4μm)


Q2.How to remove dust from PCB


Air blow is a simple and convenient method to remove dust. However it not is an effective plan, see following drawing.

Figure 2 Boundary Layer

Air blow is noncontact method, but it cannot remove dust completely. We take advantage of contact method that our own cleaning technology.


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