Production Info : Dry Dicer In-line



It suitable to cut compact size high density PCB such as VCO, TCXO, BGA, CSP, MCM, Camera module, Card PCB, Sensor PCB etc.


1 Use blade with high speed rotation to cut PCB safely in low stress, smooth finish for PCB cross section.
2 Complete Unmanned Machine is realized by installing Magazine Loader Unloader as standard equipment.
3 Collaboration with powerful dust collector, thus only little amount of dust attach on PCB.
4 Water supply and drainage equipment is not needed without using water, which will lead to no harm to the environment and realizing the reduction of running cost.
5 As PCB is fixed on Jig with vacuum adsorption, UV tape, etc are not needed and the cost can be reduced.
  Fix PCB by vacuum forms
6 Various blades can be selected. (GC, Diamond, Metal Saw)


Able to cut in High precision because of 4 axes control.


Image processing function(CCD Camera) is installed, makes it possible to cut PCB with more high precision.
9 Safety cutting supported by detection of blade chippage and wear. Also eliminate static by electricity removal blow.
10 Each operation is done by PC and any error is shown on Monitor Guidance, when some trouble occurred .

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PCB Size(Max.) 200×150mm
PCB Thickness(Max.) 2mm
X Axis Movement Range 370mm
Movement Speed 500mm/sec
Resolution 0.001mm
Repeatability ±0.01mm
Y Axis Movement Range 350mm
Movement Speed 500mm/sec
Cutting Speed 1-200mm/sec
Resolution 0.001mm
Repeatability ±0.01mm
Z Axis Movement Range 27mm
Movement Speed 1-50mm/sec
Resolution 0.001mm
Repeatability ±0.01mm
Q Axis Rotation Angle 100°
Repeatability ±3"
R Axis Power Consumption 90W
Rotation(Max.) 13,000rpm
Blade Outer Diameter×ID Φ75×40mm
Thickness 0.1-0.5mm
PCB Loading P&P X Axis Stroke 650mm
Z Axis Stroke 50mm
PCB Unloading P&P X Axis Stroke 700mm
Z Axis Stroke 50mm
Rotation Angle 90°(Cylinder)
Main Unit Utility Power Voltage φ3 AC200V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption(Max.) (Main Unit,Dust Collector,Vacuum Pump)

Air Pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Air Consumption 600L/min (A.N.R)
Ionizer High Frequency AC Brow Type(2 pcs)
Main Unit Dimension W2770×D1330×H1350mm(Exclusive Monitor)
Weight of Main Unit Approx.1,000kg
Dust Collector 0.75KW 0.4KW(Brush Cleaner Unit)

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