Production Info Dry Slicer Standalone


Perfectly suit for LED PCB and 650mm long size PCB SAM-CT26USL


1 Use blade with hi speed rotation to cut PCB safely in low stress smooth finish for PCB cross section.
2 Reduce PCB production cost and also prevent PCB warpage because v-groove free.
3 Collaboration with powerful dust collector thus only little amount of dust attach on PCB.
4 Create cutting data and run auto operation by using of touch panel.
5 It is able to use twin blade cut 2 line on PCB at a time.
6 Max.300mm/s cutting speed for paper phenol PCB when you using newly developed tip saw, and also can cut Aluminum PCB.
7 Allow for IN-LINE use by adding load/unload unit.

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PCB PCB(Max.) 650mm×250mm、t=0.5 - 2.0mm
Material(Resin) FR4, FR1,CEM3 etc.
Components Height Limit 25mm upper surface (Incl.PCB thickness),
10mm lower surface
X axis Type of Motor Servo Motor
Cutting Speed(Max.) 300mm/sec.
Moving Speed(Return) 500mm/sec.
Y axis Type of Motor Servo Motor
Feeding Speed 90mm/sec.
Moving Speed(Return) 200mm/sec.
Repeatability ±0.03mm
Z axis Driving System
Servo Motor
R axis Type of Motor Inverter driving induction motor
Rotation(Max.) 6,000rpm
Outer Dia(OD)×Inner Dia(ID)
Blade(GC Blade) Φ125x40mm, t=0.2-0.5mm(STD 0.5mm)
Tip Saw Φ125x40mm, t=0.2-0.5mm (STD 0.5mm)
Fixing Fixture Positioning on the Fixture(Left middle reference point)
Programming Touch Panel

Color5.7 inch

Input Method Coordinate data input
Program Storage 300
Main Body Power Φ3 AC200V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption(Max.) 3KVA(Incl.Dust Collector)
Air Pressure 0.4-0.5Mpa(Lubricate free)
Air Consumption Approx.300L/min (A.N.R)
Dimension W1,450xD1,200xH1,450mm
Weight of Main Body Approx.900kg
Dust Collector φ3 AC2000V, 50/60Hz, 1,500W

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