Production Info : Dry Dicer


A dry dicer suitable for atypical shape PCB cutting with refrigerate fixing system SAM-CT3030DI

Suitable for PCB having difficulty being fixed by JIG and TAPE because of vacuum forms. Refrigerant system to shorten the time for table refrigerating and thawing is installed(with switch function for refrigerant and warm media).


1 PCB can be fixed with refrigerating and cut with dicing blade. (Successful for development of Refrigerant System possible for quick freezing and thawing.)
2 Image Processing Function is installed and high speed cutting wit its speed of 1 - 200mm/sec can be done. Cutting width of 0.1-0.5mm is realized.
3 It is possible to cut such PCB as it can not be fixed with adhesive and Jig, etc.
4 The cost for cutting process such as laboratory, trial and mass productions can be reduced.
5 It includes Detector for damage of blade and its wear as standard equipment. Complete cutting can be done with a optional water supply unit.
6 Various blades can be selected. (GC, Diamond, Metal Saw)
7 Various operations can be done with PC. Errors are indicated as guidance on monitor when they occur.



PCB Size Max.300mm×300mm
Thickness   Max.2mm
X Axis Moving Range 550mm
Moving Speed 1 - 200mm/sec
Scale Resolution 0.001mm
Repeat Accuracy 0.005mm
Y Axis Moving Range 400mm
Moving Speed 1 - 200mm/sec
Cutting Speed 1 - 200mm/sec
Scale Resolution 0.001mm
Repeat Accuracy 0.005mm
Z Axis Moving Range 50mm
Moving Speed 1 - 200mm/sec
Scale Resolution 0.001mm
Repeat Accuracy 0.005mm
θAxis Max. Rotation Angle Max.100°
Repeat Accuracy ± 0.8"
R Axis Rated Output 400W
Rotation Max.1000-2250rpm(standard); 5000-15000rpm(option)
Blade Outer Size×inner Diameter φ75×40mm
Thickness 0.1 - 0.5mm
Utility Power φ3 AC200v 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption Max.4KVA
Air Supply Pressure 0.5 - 0.7Mpa
Air Consumption 300L/min (A.N.R)
Dimension of Machine W1600×D1050×H1400mm(excluding Monitor)
Weight of Main Machine Approx. 1500kg
Refrigerated Chuck 40℃ - -30℃
Dust Collector(output) 0.75KW

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