Production Info : Router Machine Desktop




1 Compact desktop design is perfect for cell production.
2 Achieved a low price by manual positioning. Support mass production by lettering guide.
3 Use blade to cut PCB like grinding process, get smooth finish of PCB cross section with low stress.
4 Attached holding mechanism which has dust collection function, reduce PCB vibration during cutting and also collect dust effectively.
5 Reduce PCB production cost and also prevent PCB warpage, because v-groove free.
6 Blade standard thickness is 0.3mm, it is best for both PCB with or without V-groove.
7 Need no pallet(fixture) to cut PCB because it use width adjustable mechanical chuck.
(*In case need pallet it depends on the PCB shapes)
8 Max.300mm/s cutting speed available for paper phenol PCB when you using newly developed tip saw. And also support Alu PCB cutting.

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PCB Y:Cutting Range(Max.) 330mm
X:Cutting Range(Max.) 196mm(STD) 296mm(OPT)
Material(Resin) FR4, CEM1, CEM3 etc.
Components Height(Max.) 47mm from PCCB upper surface,
10mm from underside surface
Main Axis Type of Motor Type of Motor 100W
Main Axis Rotation 2,000-7,000rpm
Main Axis Movement Type of Motor DC Motor
Movement Speed


Cutting Speed 20-100mm/s
Blade Blade(GC Blade) OD=125mm,ID=40mm,t=0.2-0.5mm,0.3(STD)
PCB Holding Cut with holding mechanical chuck and slide rail
Main Unit Utility Power Voltage φ1,AC100V、50/60Hz
Power Consumption(Max.) Approx.300VA(dust collector is count outed)
(Controller BOX Dimension)
W463×D779×H352mm(when chuck is stored) (W170×D420×H363.5mm)
Net Weight Approx.50kg
Dust Collector Power φ1, AC100V, 50/60Hz, 1.0KVA

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