Personal Information Protection Policy

Regarding obtaining of Personal Information
We obtain Personal Identifiers of company name, personal name, contact information via inquiry form.
Purpose of obtaining Personal Information
We use customer’s Personal Information for the purposes that provide service, response to inquiry from customer or sending information about products and service.
Regarding sharing of Personal Information
We do not share collected Personal Information with third parties except our agent.
Exceptions clause for Personal Information disclosing
We do not disclose or share customer’s Personal Information to/with third parties except agent. However when complying with requirement by low we will disclose to such authority system even without secure customer’s agreement.
Under proper management
In order to protect Personal Information obtained from customer we take proper security measures on the protection of Personal Information.
Regarding request for amendment(correction/deletion)
If customer request for amendment or deletion of Personal Information please ask following contact.
Regarding linked to website
Our handling policy of Personal Information is only apply to this website. We disclaims any responsibility for prevention of customer’s Personal Information used on linked to website which are linked from SAYAKA website.
Regarding handling policy changes
If there is some change on our Privacy Policy, we will announce it on this website.
Regarding information desk
Contact for inquiry regarding Personal Information
Person in charge
Saruwatari of General Affairs Department
3-3, Jyonanjima 2-Chome, Ota-Ku, Tokyo 143-0002 Japan