High-speed high-accuracy innovative dicing machine need no water supply

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  • Production


  • 1

    Use blade with high speed rotation to cut PCB safely in low stress, smooth finish for PCB cross section.

  • 2

    Collaboration with powerful dust collector, thus only little amount of dust attach on PCB.

  • 3

    Water supply and drainage equipment is not needed without using water, which will lead to no harm to the environment and realizing the reduction of running cost.

  • 4

    As PCB is fixed on Jig with vacuum adsorption, UV tape, etc are not needed and the cost can be reduced.

  • 5

    Various blades can be selected. (GC, Diamond, Metal Saw)

  • 6

    Able to cut in High precision because of 4 axes control.

  • 7

    Image processing function(CCD Camera) is installed, makes it possible to cut PCB with more high precision.

  • 8

    Safety cutting supported by detection of blade chippage and wear. Also eliminate static by electricity removal blow.

  • 9

    Each operation is done by PC and any error is shown on Monitor Guidance, when some trouble occurred .

Basic Specifications

PCB Size(Max.) 200mm×150mm
PCB Thickness(Max.) 2mm
X Axis Moving Range:370mm
Moving Speed:500mm/sec
Repeat Accuracy:±0.01mm
Y Axis Moving Range:350mm
Moving Speed:500mm/sec
Cutting Speed:1-200mm/sec
Repeat Accuracy:±0.01mm
Z Axis Moving Range:27mm
Moving Speed:1-50mm/sec
Repeat Accuracy:±0.01mm
Q Axis Rotation Angle:+95°, -5°
Repeat Accuracy:±3"
R Axis Output:90W
Rotation(Max.):13,000 rpm
Blade Outer Diameter×ID:φ75×40mm
Utility Power Voltage:φ3 AC200V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption(Max.):4KVA
Air Pressure:0.5-0.7Mpa
Air Consumption:300L/min (A.N.R)
Ionizer:High Frequency Fan
Outer Dimension W×D×H (mm):W800×D1210×H1300mm(Except Monitor)
Weight of Main Unit:Approx.700kg
Dust Collector
Power Consumption