Select a machine by PCB shape


Able to cut tall packaging PCB By downside cutting

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  • Production


  • 1

    Cutting with Jig circulation system is done and this is suitable for PCB with a plenty of pieces.

  • 2

    Complete automation process from Magazine to supply, cutting and storing in tray of PCB.

  • 3

    Cutting dusts are reduced as much as possible by brush and ionizer unit in each part.

  • 4

    Nozzle suction and brush suction are adopted at cutting unit and the function to reduce cutting dust is adopted.

  • 5

    Cutting can be done without stress on PCB by using Spindle with high performance.

  • 6

    Switch of product model can easily be done by operation of Touch Panel and replacement of Jig.

  • 7

    Automatic select cutting program with JIG BIT system.

Basic Specifications

PCB Size(Max.):60×200mm
Material(Resin):FR4, CEM1, CEM3 etc.
JIG Carrier Unit P&P X Driving:AC Servo
P&P Z Driving:Twin Head Cylinder
JIG Positioning:Positioning Pin Type
JIG Clamp:Chuck Cylinder
Cutting Unit Operation Panel:Touch Panel
Cutting Speed:50mm/sec
Movement Speed(Max.):600mm/sec
X.Y.Z Driving:Servo
PRG Data Creation:Direct, Coordinate Input Teaching (PRG Edit Software)
Spindle Unit Collet Dia.:φ3.175mm
Router Bit Dia.:φ0.8, φ1.0, φ1.2, φ1.5, φ2.0mm
Router Bit Replacement:Air Chuck
Driving:High Frequency Induction Motor
Loading Unit PCB Magazine Rack Dimension:L200×W67×H140mm
PCB Magazine Rack Store No.:8 pcs
PCB Stock No.:20 sheets/Magazine
Feeding:Conveyer &Retracting Cylinder (PCB Clamp)
Unloading Unit Operation Panel:Operation Panel
Movement Speed(Max.):1,000mm/sec
X,Y Axes Control:PLC
Z Axis:Twin Head Cylinder
Q axis:270°Motor Driving
Tray Stock Sheet No.:30 pcs
PCB Magazine Rack Dimension:135.8×315.8×11.7mm
Utility Power:φ3 AC200V 50/60Hz
Air Pressure:0.5MPa
Power Consumption:5.0KVA (Inc.Dust Collector)