High versatile pallet feeding type In-line dicer

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  • Production


  • 1

    High Accuracy and High Speed Cutting is realized because of Dicing Type Cutting. (1 – 200mm/sec)

  • 2

    Functions such as Image Processing, Damage/Wear Confirmation for Blade are installed as standard ones.

  • 3

    Safety is increased during Feeding PCB by using Jig Pallet at Cutting Unit.

  • 4

    Cutting dusts are recovered inside Jig Pallet Cleaning Structure installed every time.

  • 5

    Automatic Removal Structure of Discarded PCB is installed as standard equipment at Return Conveyor Unit.

  • 6

    Confirmation Structure to prevent mistakes for PCB setting with adsorption at Jig Pallet Unit is installed as standard equipment.

Basic Specifications

PCB Max.250mm×330mm
Thickness Max.2mm
Carry-in Conveyor Unit Conveyor:Round Belt
PCB Clamp:Cylinder Chucking Unit
PCB Feeding:Single Axis Rodless Cylinder
Cutting Unit X Axis Moving Range:520mm
Moving Speed:500mm/sec
Repeat Accuracy:±0.01mm
Scale Resolution:0.001mm
Cutting Unit Y Axis Moving Range:465mm
Moving Speed:1 - 200mm/sec
Repeat Accuracy:±0.01mm
Scale Resolution:0.001mm
Cutting Unit Z Axis Moving Range:27mm
Moving Speed:1 - 50mm/sec
Repeat Accuracy:±0.01mm
Scale Resolution:0.001mm
Cutting Unit θAxis Motor:DD motor
Max. Rotation Angle:100°
Repeat Accuracy:±3"
Spindle Unit Motor:AC Induction Motor
Rated Output:90W
Blade Outer diameter×Inner diameter:φ75×40mm
Thickness:0.1 - 0.5mm
Unloading P&P Jig Pallet Feeding:Cylinder Chucking Unit (Single Rodless Cylinder)
Return C/V Unit Conbeyor:Round Beolt
Discarded PCB Removal:Cylinder P&P (Vacuum Pad)
Cleaning:Rotating Brush (wool)
Jig Pallet Dimention:W390×D220×T10mm
Sheet No.(standard):3
Power 4KVA
Air Supply Pressure 0.5 - 0.7Mpa
Air Consumption 500L/min (A.N.R)
Machine Dimention
(incl.Return C/V Unit)
Machine Weight
(incl.Return C/V Unit)