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Easy to automated Router Machine

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    Detailed standard specifications premised on automation of PCB supply and discharge.

  • 3

    Image Processing Function is installed. Simple Teaching can be done with PC screen.

  • 4

    Router bit depth changeover function lengthen router bit life-span.

  • 5

    Enhanced optional functions such as automatic bit changer

  • 6

    Positioning compensation done by Image Processing further increases the cutting accuracy.

Basic Specifications

PCB Size(MAX.) 400×300
PCB Thickness 0.4mm~2.0mm
PCB Material FR4 CEM1、CEM3,etc.
Router bit diameter φ0.8~3.0mm
Cutting Speed Max.50mm/sec
Moving Speed Max 1,000mm/sec
Repeat Accuracy ±0.01mm
Z Axis Stroke(Max.) 40mm
Spindle Spec. 5,000-60,000rpm
X,Y,Z Axes Control AC Servo
Power Voltage 3φAC200V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 3.0kVA
Pneumatic Pressure 0.5MPa
Air Consumption 20~30L/min(A.N.R)
Weight for Main Unit Approx.300kg
Outer Dimension
W×D×H (mm)